• June 25, 2022

How do you best maintain the Photina Red Robin?

The medlar, also called Photina Red Robin, is also a beautiful hedge with white flowers when in bloom. The large shiny leaves make for a striking hedge, with red leaves in spring.  It’s a fast-growing hedge that can reach 3 metres in height. If you want to keep it smaller, then you can trim it…

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Lime bedding – garden and lawn liming

Why liming the garden? There are many questions about liming. When to liming? Why liming and which plants not to liming? How often do you limestone the grass? And should you liming after fertilising? In this blog, I will first answer your questions. There are a number of reasons why it is best to liming.…

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Green attack – how to deal with it

Green Rash – It seems to be getting worse this year, the green deposits. In one way or another, the autumn weather has caused quite a lot of deposits on terraces, garden furniture, etc. Green deposits are often a bothersome and sometimes dangerous problem in the garden. How do you solve it? Solution for green…

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